Pioneer Museum

Interior Photographs
Bed  A pioneer bed, with a straw mattress and rope "springs."  The wooden item hanging above the bed was used to tighten the ropes after they stretched. Doll House  A children's doll house.  This is always a hit with the little ones, though it is doubtful that it was an item in a pioneer home. Dolls  A variety of dolls, which pioneer girls certainly played with. School Desks  School desks, complete with books and ink wells.
China cabinet  The china cabinet in the dining room. Kitchen  Some of the kitchen tools and canning jars in the Museum's collection. Kitchen1  More tools that were used in the kitchen. Kitchen2  The cast iron and enamel sink was not likely to be a part of a pioneer house, but the pitcher pump surely was.
Kitchen3  An early "slow cooker" with a soapstone heating "element" and an early electric stove. Washing Machines  A cream separator in the front and two early washing machines.  On the wall, there are wash boards and clothes plungers. Native American  The American Indian display includes shell tools made by the Tequesta Indians who inhabited Southeast Florida until about the 17th century.  The artifacts in this display were donated by Barbara Tansey, who is on the Board of Directors of the Archaeological Society of Southern Florida and who, with her husband, runs Everglades Outpost in Florida City.  These artifacts came from rescue digs that the ASSF conducted on Native American burial mounds in the Lake Belt District, where rock mining companies are active. Upper Keys  Artifacts from the Upper Keys Historical Society.
FEC  Part of the Museum's collection of artifacts from Henry Flagler's Key West Extension. Radio  An early radio in the living room. Spinning Wheel  The spinning wheel in the living room. Melodeon  The melodeon in the living room.
Sewing Machine  An early sewing machine in the dining room. Telegraph Keys  Telegraph keys and photographs of the FEC depot in Homestead, before it was moved to Florida City. Telephones  The Museum's collection of crank magneto telephones. These pre-dated dial telephone service. Tools distance  The tool room, where the Museum displays its collection of tools likely used on a pioneer homestead in this area.
Tools distance1  More tools, including those used to plant seeds. Tools  The water heater came with the house and was added at a much later date.  The house was built in 1904 for the station agent of the Florida East Coast railroad. Tools1  Another photograph of some of the museum's tool collection. Tools2  Various tools used to plant crops.
Tools3  Woodworking tools.